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World’s Best Performance Transparent Cache for ISP/Telco
  • World’s best performance transparent cache for ISP/Telco.
  • Fully Transparent for content provider’s business logic.
  • Cover the small web objects & large video contents at the same time.


Transparent cache provides caching service between connected device and content server, and reduces CAPEX/OPEX over mid-mile network link for network operator. It also guarantees QoE for last-mile users by transparent delivery of content.

JAGUAR6000 "Transparent Cache for ISP/Telco"

JAGUAR6000 is a session-based transparent cache (TIC) designed for ISP/Telco. JAGUAR6000 keeps existing business operation logic of content provider by delivering web/video content transparently at application side. It is based on ARA’s cache platform that has been proven by many customers worldwide for best performance and greater stability along with over 10 years experience. JAGUAR6000 is well suited for effectively delivering video contents in transparent way and it also optimized for delivering small objects such as web contents by being adapted with all the advantages from JAGUAR5000 cache engine which provides efficient caching service with fast response for small web objects. JAGUAR6000 operates as network backbone/edge cache for ISP/Telco, gateway(IX link) cache for ISP/Telco. And it works as a cache that can internetwork with DPI(Deep Packet Inspection) products. JAGUAR6000 comes in a various kind of appliances according to the processing capacity. It can be also provided in the form of software package with recommended H/W specification by ARA engineering team.


- Fully Transparent Caching
- IPv6 ready
- Contents share among JAGUAR6000
- DMCA and E-Commerce Directive 2000 compliant
- Proprietary technology for Small Web object & Large Rich Media Contents

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