• Products Overview
  • JAGUAR7000
  • JAGUAR6000
  • JAGUAR5000
  • ARA-TS Plus
  • ARA-TS
Manage and Filter Access to Web Contents
  • Blocking Harmful Websites for Business and Government
  • Support N x 10Gbps Throughput
  • Centralized Monitoring and Management
  • Blocking All Known Detours


ARA-TS Plus can manage and take control of harmful web contents such as pornography, gambling, offensive articles against government and corporate by updating and applying the network security policy and guidelines of government, ISP and companies. ARA-TS Plus offers flexible filtering scheme by integrating with 3rd party filtering DB such as McAfee Smartfilter™ which provides 90 categories and 25 million URLs. The filtering DB provides user-defined category based on log analysis and statistics. Also, the keyword search allows easy finding of the target subject using blocking list.

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