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ARA Networks, established in 1999 by a group of computer scientists to solve local operators' business challenges caused by rapid traffic explosion, is a pioneer and global leading provider of web, media, and mobile caching products.

ARA's acknowledged JAGUAR and Traffic Sentinel products and Telco-grade solutions, built upon a host of patents and patents pending, are deployed and trusted by hundreds of enterprises, Tier-1 operators, and CDN providers around the world.

ARA Networks is named Global Top 6 Company in Transparent Caching market by Frost & Sullivan’s June 2013 “Analysis of the Global Transparent Caching Market” Report.

Core technologies
ARA Networks provides independently developed OS technology that delivers unsurpassed performance and reliability for best network traffic management. Our core technologies include NMP(Network Traffic Monitoring Platform) solution for high-performance traffic monitoring and caching-only JAGUAR OS. NMP is the optimized platform for large traffic management over backbone network, which is a based on DPI technology that provides network transparency. In addition, JAGUAR OS can control overused or massive network traffic and maximizes network experience with unparalleled excellence of fast web content delivery. ARA Networks’ core solutions have become an integral part of secure and productive network environment to customers worldwide.

Major Customers

Our major customers include major ISPs, large content providers and big corporations at home and abroad. All of South Korea’s CDN provider as well as 7 out of 10 portal providers are using ARA Networks’ solution in world’s best internet infrastructure of South Korea. ARA Networks solution is adopted by South Korea’s major ISP companies such as KT, Hanaro Telecommunications and SK Networks as well as large IT corporations such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. We also have overseas branches in Japan, Asia’s largest and U.S., world’s largest market for global market development while working with domestic surroundings. ARA Networks will commit itself to efficient management and excellent service to customers with superior solutions.

JAGUAR7000 is employed by individual system over LTE core/RAN and allows mobile operators to maximize bandwidth and QoE with limited mobile network resource by expanding caching and video optimization technology to the closest site to user. Also, it helps mobile operators to expand legacy CDN service to RAN area and build a new revenue model with high-quality mobile CDN service with no latency for content provider.

JAGUAR6000 is a specialized transparent cache system armed with high- performance cache engine of JAGUAR5000’s market-proven technology and excellent performance specifically designed for ISP and TelcoCDN, which requires high performance, stability and large content storage service.

JAGUAR5000 improves web service and supports faster response for popular web content request toward origin server. It supports proxy and transparent caching mode for different network environment of each customer as well as other features such as IP spoofing and reverse proxy.

SmartGLB is a global load balancing solution that can efficiently resolve issues with individual local server and network, or even improve network bandwidth bottleneck among different areas.

ARA-PPTM is a P2P traffic management solution powered by DPI technology, which can manage P2P traffic efficiently for optimal network traffic condition. This solution is benefit to major internet service providers by enhancing networking performance with P2P traffic control. ARA-PPTM is a real-time monitoring solution for Gbps bandwidth traffic at L7 level without packet loss over large backbone network with asymmetric structure.

ARA-TS is a analytic tool for business application and traffic blocking solution to protect confidential information from harmful applications such as P2P, IM, webmail and Webhard. It also optimizes business environment effectively by monitoring non-business purpose website connections for internet stock trade and online game with various policy configurations to improve work efficiency.
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