• Solutions Overview
  • Optimizing Mobile Gateway
  • Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network - Key Benefit & Features
  • Mobile Edge CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • Optimizing IX / Transit Traffic - Key Benefit & Features
  • Next Generation Telco CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering) - Key Benefit & Features
  • Secure Gateway Proxy - Key Benefit & Features

Telecom Operators providing Fixed and Mobile service

>> Need to optimize IP/MPLS Core network in coping with surge of OTT contents(Unmanaged).
>> Monetize by RTT enhanced delivery of both unmanaged and managed contents.
>> Minimize investment and operation cost for Telco CDN

What is next generation Telco CDN?

Besides managed OTT video content served by legacy CDN, it can expand the existing CDN service owned and operated by Telco operator to the network edge within close proximity to users in a fixed line in order to deliver unmanaged OTT contents that require more bandwidth usage and small objects as well as non-video contents that have a greater effect on QoE. In addition, it can support both fixed and mobile network, QoS, priority control and policy-based content delivery for each domain and user.

Our Telco CDN solution provides greater business opportunities for Telco operator to be able to deal with the rapid growth of many different forms of internet contents and gives directions with a broader range of innovative approach toward profit creation. With proven methods and techniques for content delivery acceleration, we can also help to customize CDN service depending on a diverse Telco's network environment.

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