• Solutions Overview
  • Optimizing Mobile Gateway
  • Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network - Key Benefit & Features
  • Mobile Edge CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • Optimizing IX / Transit Traffic - Key Benefit & Features
  • Next Generation Telco CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering) - Key Benefit & Features
  • Secure Gateway Proxy - Key Benefit & Features

Three Big challenges for Telecom Operators at Internet Exchange/Transit Network

>> Service Delay
>> Unstable Service
>> High Cost of Infrastructure and Operation

What are the benefits of JAGUAR5000 and JAGUAR6000?

Today Telco operators need to deal with the astronomical costs of network infrastructure for building and operating in order to provide faster and seamless internet service for real-time video streaming, delivery of HD video contents, file sharing and software update to subscribers due to the explosion in video service and the number of internet users. For Telco operator and corporate who have to pay higher cost to use IX/Transit line, it becomes an increasingly important issues to expand an infrastructure for more network bandwidth, build an efficient maintenance system and save costs for extra network line.

For enhancement of network service line and higher quality of internet service, you can deploy JAGUAR5000 as proxy cache or JAGUAR6000 as transparent cache at Internet Exchange/Transit line to save bandwidth and eliminate bottleneck in a backbone network without the heavy burden of network expansion.

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