• Solutions Overview
  • Optimizing Mobile Gateway
  • Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network - Key Benefit & Features
  • Mobile Edge CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • Optimizing IX / Transit Traffic - Key Benefit & Features
  • Next Generation Telco CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering) - Key Benefit & Features
  • Secure Gateway Proxy - Key Benefit & Features

New Revenue Stream for Mobile Operator and Startup to Telco CDN

>> Growing market demand for QoE enhancement toward increasing mobile video and non-video service
    (i.e. social commerce)
>> Premium service with mobile CDN for both providers and users of mobile App service
>> Start point of Telco CDN for Telco-oriented ecosystem

What are the strengths of our mobile CDN solution?

The mobile CDN solution of ARA Network is possible with JAGUAR7000 as LTE edge cache. This solution allows to distribute contents across LTE network edge to deliver contents to users as fast as it can be with the lowest RTT upon request for content. It also guarantees QoE for content delivery related to the newest service applications such as LBS(Location Based Service) with virtual & augmented reality, mobile commerce, mobile payment, telematics and helps mobile operators to position their business infrastructure to gain new revenue stream.

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