• Solutions Overview
  • Optimizing Mobile Gateway
  • Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network - Key Benefit & Features
  • Mobile Edge CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • Optimizing IX / Transit Traffic - Key Benefit & Features
  • Next Generation Telco CDN - Key Benefit & Features
  • L7 Traffic Analyzing and Control (URL Filtering) - Key Benefit & Features
  • Secure Gateway Proxy - Key Benefit & Features

ARA Networks’ Mobile Gateway Optimization solution accelerates 3G/ 4G mobile internet and broadband service to enhance QoE for subscribers and unlock the efficiency of a mobile network.

  • Enhanced QoE for Mobile User
  • The TCP optimization built on our accumulated proxy technology provides 2 times faster download speed and web browsing experience for 3G and LTE users. For buffering-free internet experience, it optimizes a TCP connection between original content server and user equipment during initial downloading and browsing, which gives mobile operators the opportunity to provide the highest quality service to the client.
  • Reduce costs by bandwidth savings in transit network
  • ARA Network’s highly efficient caching technology maximizes cost-saving benefits by reducing content redundancy from original content server to mobile gateway and guarantees high quality service for cached objects.

  • Future-proof Solution to the Edge of the Mobile Network
  • By integrating with JAGUAR7000 EN (Edge Node), it allows edge caching in LTE network so the content can be delivered to a mobile user in close proximity to enhance QoE and reduce traffic in transit network, EPC(Evolved Packet Core) and backhaul line.

    Optimizing Mobile EPC and Backhaul Network
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