• Products Overview
  • JAGUAR7000
  • JAGUAR6000
  • JAGUAR5000
  • ARA-TS Plus
  • ARA-TS

  • World's First 64-bit Engine Cache
  • Linear Increase of Performance according to Hardware Configuration
  • Millions of Concurrent Connections with High Stability

World's First 64-bit Cache Engine
JAGUAR5000 is powered by world's first 64-bit cache engine for unsurpassed performance along with continuous product development. This is hardware-independent software which provides greater flexibility in system storage configuration to achieve linear increase of performance in proportion to increased hardware capabilities.
Tens of Terabyte Storage

JAGUAR5000 supports tens of terabyte storage as a single system which is expandable through external storage connection with NAS and DAS to improve service efficiency for large content such as video file.

Millions of Concurrent Connections
JAGUAR5000 provides reliable service supporting more than millions of concurrent connections during heavy web traffic. In addition, connection pool with large buffer protects web server from SYN attack and DoS(Denial of Service).
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