• Products Overview
  • JAGUAR7000
  • JAGUAR6000
  • JAGUAR5000
  • ARA-TS Plus
  • ARA-TS

  • Distributed Cloud Storage
  • Cache Cluster Service through JCRP
  • Expand Optional Service with ICAP

MSE (Media Storage Engine)
MSE is a content sharing solution based on ARA's proprietary technology which can minimize disk I/O congestion during the process of small web objects and large video content. This can maximize cache efficiency in case of delivering a variety of content and large object by adding data sharing feature on legacy storage. Also, it improves storage efficiency by reducing duplicate content and provides unlimited storage expansion with cost-effective scalability.
JCRP (Jaguar Content Routing Protocol)
JCRP(JAGUAR Content Routing Protocol) is an interworking protocol for distributed cache servers to target service domain in clustered JAGUAR5000 servers. Cache clustering provides greater bandwidth savings, faster response speed, better QoE enhancement and more effective resource management.
ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol)
JAGUAR5000 supports integration with 3rd party products using ICAP which provides additional service such as DLP(Data Leakage Prevention) and URL/virus filtering at gateway. Specially, SSL proxy allows additional services for web & encrypted traffic.
Integrated Management
Cluster Management – Supports integrated management to monitor clustered servers.
Traffic Logging
Real-time Traffic logging – Creates various log formats such as normal, filtered and virus detect sessions. The logs are regularly delivered to specified servers.
Log format – Supports Squid, Netscape, and user defined formats.
Storage Management
Disk Load Management – The JAGUAR has stable throughput due to its disk load distributing technology and disk overload avoidance technology.
Disk Failure Management – The JAGUAR features a fail-over function that automatically detects disk errors and avoid failures. This allows web cache service to be sustained with the remaining operational disks. The failed disks can be replaced during operations by disk hot-swapping.
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